Build High Quality Backlinks for Event Blogs in Short Time

**How to Build High Quality Backlinks for Event Blogs ** How to Find them?? As we all mostly know about event blogging, because that is a only way to make many dollars in short time, but what ? as i said event blogging is the quick way to make money quickly so obviously there are too much competition,if you don’t know what is event based blogging then let me tell you!  
Event blogging is a type of Blogging which only done for any event day For Example :- Friendship Day is Gone on 2nd Aug, So Search Volume of the keywords like ” Happy Friendship Day ” and Other Friendship Day Keywords are searches in LACS, i too Did this friendship day event blogging and i got Success Only because of HQ Backlinks. Now let me Explain What is Dofollow and NoFollow Backlinks ?

How to Build High Quality Backlinks for Event Blogs

Backlinks for Event blog

Difference Between NoFollow and DoFollow Backlinks

If you don’t know what is NoFollow and DoFollow Backlinks Then Let Me Explain you What is DoFollow and NoFollow Backlinks in Short.

What is DoFollow Backlinks ?

in short DoFollow Backliink Pass the Link Juice and Allow google to follow them and reach our websites, Most of Event Bloggers are Builds Only DoFollow Backlinks because of it will pass the link juice and give backlinks to our site and yes dofollow backlinks help us to rank on google serp.

Example of DoFollow Link :-

<a href=””>Hackerspedia</a>

By Default all the Hyperlinks are Dofollow So You don’t need to do anything to make a link DoFollow

What is NoFollow Backlinks?

No Follow links Do not allow search engine bot to follow our links so simply it does not pass the link juice and only human will able to follow the links,Even though, it’s a good practice to use Nofollow link attribute to those link, where you don’t want to pass link-juice.
Example of NoFollow Backlink
<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Hackerspedia</a>

So Let me tell you how you can make HQ backlinks for event based blog in shor time 

Build High Quality Backlinks in Short Time

#1 How to find DoFollow Blogs for Dofollow Backlinks
I Used DropMyLink to find DoFollow Blogs :- as we know DoFollow has more importance than NoFollow as it is Because DoFollow Passes Link Juices So i built only DoFollow Backlinks and it will help me alot to get rank on google search engine

#2 I Used Footprint for .Govt and .Edu backlinks

Here is the Footprint to Find .Govt Backlinks “post a comment” -“You must be logged in” Your_keyword_without_quotes inurl:blog
You just have to do is to copy and paste this whole footprint in google search bar and you have to replace Your_keyword_without_quotes and then you will get .edu blogs on which you can comment to get backlinks for your event blog. Similarly, if you want .edu blogs by commenting on which you can get .Edu backlinks, you can use this footprint, “post a comment” -“You must be logged in” Your_keyword_without_quotes inurl:blog

#3 By Using Openlinkprofiler

So this is my Favourite tool to find HQ backlinks for Event based blog, Openlinkprofiler is a free backlink checker tool and yes it’s totally free you can check your competitors backlinks and build some hq LIS backlinks Let me tell you how to find HQ backlinks and most of them are auto approved commenting blogs

Here is my Event Blog’s OpenlinkProfiler Report :-

Backlinks for event blog

Backlinks for Event Blogs

Example Take Some Domain Which one Ranking on Last Event Like Mothers Day Event and Independence Day Event blogs :- Pick Some Domains, Now Open OpenlinkProfiler Website and Put URL and Click on Search Button it will show you backlinks of that domain now, yey! now you just need to do it Select LIS Score 30%+ or whatever you like 30%+ LiS it is only because of Trust Some low LIS Sites and Spammed and they are not much powerful then other HIGH Quality LIS Scored Websites,So you just need to Comment on that blog which you found on Openlinkprofiler and Boom you can see your ranking up on google serp…
Most of People’s Asking me How to Build So Much Backlinks in Short time?
But to be Frank there is no any tricks i used NO SOFTWARES all i did is MANUAL Link Building Everyday,Every day I was spending 3-4 hours in just making Backlinks. I don’t know if there is some kind of trick to do that but I just know that manual link building is far better then using a tool.
P.s Don’t Buy Backlinks for Fiverr Guys they are Usless and Will never help you
So i think it’s enough for today, i will surely update this page regularly So people can learn how we can build some high quality backlinks in short time for event based blog.
if you have any suggestion or tips you can share in the comments, if you need help then you can comment here we’re 24/7 Up!


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