4 Tricks for super-fast writing

4 Great tricks how to create papers very fast

Whether you want to develop your writing skills and become a famous and talented writer, or you just need some good tips to improve your abilities, it’s possible to do it with our advice. In this article we have gathered seven useful tricks that will help you to write professionally and fast. You will be able to create successful papers without wasting a lot of time and nerves, and impress the audience with a perfect work.

Follow our tips, and don’t forget improving systematically. Don’t forget that nothing great can be done without a faith, willing to learn, and everyday work.

  1. Try fee style writing. This is a very simple method, all you need to do is just open up a new text document, and start typing. During writing, don’t worry about grammar or how your sentences sound. You need to let your brain some freedom to think, and type. Then you can review and edit everything you have written just in 5 – 10 minutes. This exercise teaches your brain to think free, and to catch the flow of your thoughts properly. Use this method every day to improve your writing style, and soon you will feel it is more easy for you to create a short and interesting article without spending a lot of time. You will be able to concentrate on things you need to write about, and your brain will give you all the needed ideas.
  2. Try to set a timer during writing. When you’d feel the moment the timer is running out, your brain will start to produce more ideas, and you will start typing more fast. This is a great exercise to train your brain to give you some good thoughts about the subject in a limited time. Even if at start you would feel difficult to write anything for 5 or 10 minutes, set your timer for 20 or even 30 minutes and try to write something. It’s not necessary to use clocks: you can try to sit and type while you are baking some cookies in the oven, or you can even try to type something on your phone while you are having a long journey in the bus to your work. Don’t be disappointed, the more you practice this method, the more you can write!
  3.  If you work in Microsoft Word, you probably noticed it underlines the errors with red automatically. Usually people see an underlined word, and they stop writing immediately, trying to fix the mistake. Probably you may think it’s even right to do, but this is not good for your writing. When you distract on errors in the process, you can block or interrupt your flow. When you are writing, your brain is highly concentrated on the subject, and you try to type all thoughts that come into your mind. But then suddenly you see that red word, and everything stops. Now you are trying hard to fix the problem, but when you come back to writing in 20 – 30 seconds, you may find yourself totally lost. It would take some additional time to re-read things you already have written, and to find where you were on it. That’s why we recommend turning the spell checker off while you are creating your paper. And when it’s done, you can turn on the checker, and start editing the article.
  4. When you are writing a paper, but then suddenly you feel the last sentence you just wrote is totally messed up, you start to delete it pressing backspace key for many times. But what can be worse if you finally deleted that sentence, but realized it was actually fine to put it there? That’s why you should try to avoid pressing the backspace key. It distracts you from writing, plus, you can delete something that shouldn’t be removed. Whether you write and realize you made a grammar or spelling mistake, just go on without correcting it. You will come back to it and edit while revising your paper.

We hope these tips were useful to you. But even if after reading this guide you are thinking about finding someone to write essay for me cheap, try to search for a reliable writing service. This is the best decision for those people who can’t create successful papers due to lack of time or poor writing skills.

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