5 Accidental Inventions That Earned Millions!!

#1 Ice Cream Cones

Ice cream had been served over plates for years! It was until 1904, that this ice cream cone was invented in the World Fair. An ice cream stall was selling so much that they were gonna be out of plates. Next to them, was a waffle store that was hardly selling anything. The owners the thought to merge their stalls. First, for a waffle in a form of a cone, then plopping in some of the ice cream. The awesome threat was then made.

#2 X-Rays

Yeah, I know they can’t be created! They had been discovered.  In 1895, German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen was performing an experiment with cathode rays, he noticed a fluorescent cardboard shining. A thick screen had been placed between his cathode emitter and the radiated cardboard, the particles of light were passing through the solid objects. He quickly found that an image can be printed on a film too! Thus, this led to the accidental discovery of the X-Rays.

#3 Super Glue

Dr. Harry Coover of Eastman-Kodak Laboratories found that a substance he created — cyanoacrylate. This substance was very messy and was rejected for being over sticky and instantly drying. But later, it was taken over as Super Glue for a commercial purpose.
 #4 The Microwave
Percy Spencer, an engineer at Raytheon after his WWI stint in the Navy, was known as an electronics genius. In 1945 Spencer was playing with a microwave emitting magnetron when he felt strange sensation and sizzles in his pants. He saw that the chocolate bar in his pocket was melting. he found the the microwaves were to blame!  This lead him to make a Microwave and earned millions from it.
#5 A Slinky

In 1943, Navy engineer Richard James was trying to keep some delicate and sensitive instruments balanced on the ship by making a different kind of spring! He then knocked one of his prototyped spring on the floor. Unlike other springs, this one, rather then crashing with the floor, tumbled and righted itself! This turned out to be a great way for him to earn money thus, it became a great toy for most of the childhoods.

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