5 Best Apps For Sharing Large Files For Phone To Pc

One of the most common things that we do with our mobile phone is transferring data. I guess you all agree with this, after every hour or a day we need to share or transfer some data with our friends or to our Laptop. There are some important heavy files that do take time, as it also requires. But if we use that same old method like Bluetooth or USB cable to transfer those files, then I am sure it is going to take double the time that we expect.

For that, we have new cross platform sharing applications that allow you to transfer files from one device to another just in seconds. Of course, heavy files will take their own time to be transferred but with the help of these apps it is going to be easy an easier task.

Android Sharing Phone to PC

Let’s see the best 5 Apps for Sharing Data:-

  1. AirDroid

It is a great application to use. It allows you to receive and send text messages, notifications and other things over your LapTop. You can share files including media content on other devices without any extra network connection. The team is trying to manage to control WeChat and WhatsApp through this application, we are sure, soon there would be new features added to the app, Otherwise, the app is working very well on all devices. No restriction, no hang up’s.


  1. SHAREit

SHAREit is an application that is emerging as one of the best apps right now in the market, especially in Indian Market. It is an app that not only enable you to transfer files from one device to another but also, control your powerpoint presentation in your laptop through your smartphone. Isn’t that great?  SHAREit’s focus for next two years would be the Indian market. Though they are also working on two new applications like REACHit and WRITEit.

  1. Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is the best way to keep your files and documents safe and secure. While you can transfer or move files from one device to another very easily, users can also use cloud storage to make changes in the document from their mobile phones or laptop. So, either you can upload stuff from your laptop and work on it through mobile phone or vice versa. Quite an interesting application, works amazingly well for business use!

  1. Solid Explorer

Solid explorer is more of a kind of file manager app that enables you to manage your documents including media files. It is supported by Chromecast for a better experience with your documents as well as it provides you the facility to download any kind of file : It supports cloud storage, FTP, SFTP, WebDav and SMB/CIFS. Users can work with their documents or share things with people through various devices including mobile phones, laptops and Tablets etc. The trial is going to be free, but at the end you have to fork out $ 2.99 to use it freely.

  1. PushBullet

PushBullet is just like AirDroid app that we have already discussed right on the top. It allows you to check notifications, answer to messages etc. It is an easy way to tackle your documents and media files via PushBullet. PushBullet will also provide you an option to copy/paste stuff, transfer files and much more. It is going to work like AirDroid, therefore, not to expect more. It also gives you a chrome extension for a better use. Free trial is available but in the end you have to pay $40 per year.


These were the top 5 file transfer applications that make your work easy and safe simultaneously. There is no doubt, they work better than any USB cable or software like Bluetooth. They are growing apps in the market, therefore, hang ups and other problems are obvious to come. But this should not deter you from downloading anyone of them. What do you think?

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