5 Excellent Apps That Will Help You With TS TS EAMCET EXAM

TS EAMCET, popularly known for ‘Engineering, Agricultural and Medical Common Entrance Test’ is an entrance written test conducted by the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University of Kakinada. The test is taken to take various admissions in different types of professional courses, for example, ‘Engineering’, ‘Agricultural Engineering’ and ‘Medical Science’. These admissions are done in various Government and Private Institutes of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The exam seems pretty competitive when looked at the format of the paper and it takes the effort to crack the exam.

Apps To Prepare Exams

However, if you are making yourself prepared for TS EAMCET exam, then you can find some valuable & required help from your mobile phones; the condition would be your mobile should be a smartphone. Yes, you get it right! A number of awesome apps are present online that can be downloaded on the smartphones and be used as a helping teacher while preparing for the TS EAMCET exam.

5 Apps That Will Help Prepare TS TS EAMCET EXAM

So, below are some most fabulous apps that may help you in cracking your TS EAMCET exam.

EAMCET Practice

 This app is developed by KRV Solutions and will help you in practicing your TS EAMCET exam while on the go. This app can be downloaded on your Android Device leading to your practice on MCQ questions in subjects like Maths, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Basically, the app contains a set of 15 typical questions on each topic which is to be answered by the learner. Tracking progress report is also featured by comparing current results with the previous tests. The great thing among all of these is the no of times the tests can be given. The questions in the app are randomized so that you will get a new series of questions every time. EAMCET app is available for free in from Google Play store.

EAMCET Engg Practice

 As the name sounds, this app is created for engineering aspirants only. Scan Software Solutions Pvt Ltd had developed the ‘EAMCET Engg’ app. This is a very resourceful app because it provides you with the MCQ s, chapter-wise for testing the depth of your knowledge. A 3 hours test is also given in the app that features 160 MCQs questions for each subject. These MCQs tests prove to be an excellent way to keep and track your progress. The best part of the app is that it works offline too so that you even don’t need a data pack or connection to run the app. One can easily navigate between subjects, tests and chapters by using the ‘Menu’ option only due to the simplicity of user interface. The app also offers the option of complete statistics that will let you see your progress in a given period of time. The app can be proved to be very helpful for those who are self-studying for EAMCET. ‘EAMCET Engg Practice’ is free to download from ‘Google Play store’.

EAMCET Mock Test

 As the name itself suggests that the app is good for practicing various mock tests. ‘way2mocktest.com’ has offered a series of different MCQ questions on Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology through this app. 3 hours mock tests are given covering 160 questions. Results based on your given answers are shown at the end of the test. The questions are randomized thoroughly, so there is a very little chance to get repeated questions. The tests can be taken as many times as required and all the progress can be tracked for future. The app ‘EAMCET Mock Test’ can be downloaded for free from Google Play store on your Android device.

EAMCET Rank Estimator

This app will let you know a proper picture of where you stand actually? Developed by Eduron E-Learning Pvt Ltd, it can be downloaded from Google Play store. The app will just take your score out of 160 and also your board weight-age and will calculate and give you an estimated ranking based on your submitted scores for your TS EAMCET exam.

EAMCET Results TS and AP

The given app is useful for those students who have given the entrance exam of EAMCET in A.P or Telangana. Unlike other known apps, this app will help you in finding the result of your TS EAMCET exam. ‘EAMCET Results TS and AP’ app can be downloaded for free from Google Play store.

So, the above-shown list contains 5 fabulous apps that will be helpful in your TS EAMCET exam and are free to download.

Which one of them are you going to download today?

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