5*} Things To Know When Starting Your Blog

Creating a blog is now becoming a trend. When you open your Facebook profile, there are a number of interesting facts that may pop up and when you click them on to read about it, you are directed to a blog site. Even you can have a blog site of your own but for this you may have to depend upon a number of necessary points.

5 Tips To Start a Blog

What we want to focus on the blog:

It is essential to have a focus as in what would the blog be all about. You might be having a variety of topics and interest however you need to have a clear picture about what you are going to write about. It is not possible to include all the information in one single blog hence every single interest should have a separate blog site. If we are talking about travelling we cannot include a whole lot of information all at the same time like:

  • Places of interest
  • demographics
  • food
  • communication
  • where to stay
  • what are the common mistakes we make while we travel

We need to know that if we club in all information the blog would be unnecessarily lengthy and it would not attract readers.

Registering for the domain name

If you are just a blogger by nature, then there can be a number of sites where you can write as guest posts. But if you wish to start a blog site of your own, then the first thing that you need to do is get a domain name for your blog site. Choose a catchy name that will attract readers to read your blogs. At times, the domain name you are wishing to have may have got registered already by someone else. So, you need to think for a name that is unique and at the same time matching the theme of the blogs.

Content is important

If your blog site does not have much content, then readers will not return to your site again. It should go in a chain such as when a reader is reading one content; he should at the same time get attracted to another nearby content on your site. This will keep the reader busy and even if he or she leaves the site for some reason, there are chances that he or she will return to your site to read the other attractive contents surely later on.

Images and videos are Must

Only content will not work with a blog site. It will become like a literature book that does not contain any pictures and the kid reading it gets super bored. Images and videos are the first thing that a person first comes across and hence it attracts a lot of readers to your blog site. Try to insert images that are not only attractive but also interesting that will force the readers mentally to go ahead and read the whole content.


If you wish to get famous and want other people to know about your blog site, you have to simply advertise it. Of course now you cannot print pamphlets about it and do other similar things. Social media is a best option in this case. Post some interesting blogs of your site on social media platforms such as Facebook and then advertise your blog site so that people can visit your site. Also today blog sites have become a great way to earn extra perks. Get affiliates from Adsense and related service and you can earn from the number of readers visiting your site and also from the advertisements that will get displayed on your site.


Today starting a blog site is not just an interest. It has also become a great option to earn money sitting back at home. If you are aware of these points and can follow them well, you can definitely have a well to do blog site of your own.

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