Script to Add All Friends to Facebook Group 2015

{ How to add all friends in group at one single click } Facebook is the best platform to share your thought with your Friends in shape of Status or Photo by posting on Timeline or Groups. If you are using Facebook then you are definitely in one of the Facebook Group. Facebook Groups is the best for Social Media Marketing, Online Marketer, SEO Experts or for Blog & Websites

Script to Add All Friends in Facebook Group at One Click

You can add millions of member in a Facebook group instead of your 5000 friends limit therefore Groups is great place to share your idea into millions of people but main problem in the group we need to Add Every member or friend one by one. Imagine if you have 5000 facebook friends then its take lot’s of time to add all in that particular group. 

In this post i am going to share how to add all your facebook friends in your facebook group at one singe click here is the latest 2015 JavaScript to add all friends { memebers } in group at one single click

Steps to Add Your Friends in Facebook Group :-

1.   Login your Facebook Account & Go to the Group

2.   If You are using CHROME then Press CTRL+SHIFT+K

3.   Mozilla users Press CTRL+SHIFT+J 
4.   Copy below Java Script and Press Enter button
Download Java Script :- 

Click to Download

and finally you are done ^_^ Enjoyed it guys! hope you guys like our tutorial to Add all Facebook friends in Group at one click

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