How to Setup Bigrock Custom Domain on Blogger

In this post i am going to share How to Setup Bigrock Custom Domain on Blogger Blog with Step by Step ( with picturesSo here is Some Popular Web Hosting Sites Which Provides Domain,hosting and Much More

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How to Setup Bigrock Custom Domain on Blogger 2016

How to Setup Bigrock Custom Domain On Blogger
Here we’re talking about to set up a custom domain in Blogger via BigRock

If you have domain name under Bigrock and you don’t know how to set domain your domain on you blogs. Then i will try to explain all these things step by step and request you to follow all steps carefully.

Setting Up Blogger Custom Domain

 For GoDaDDy :-     Setup Custom Domain With GoDaddy

Follow Steps Carefully

Firstly open your bigrock domain manage account at

After Log in your Account select list orders from menu bar and Then  click on then domain name which you want use.

Bigrock Custom Domain Setup

Setup Bigrock Custom Domain

Click on Domain Name Then After go to the DNS Management of your domain name

Bigrock Custom Domain Setup

Now you need to Create A Records of Domain by Clicking on Add A Records you have to create 4 different A Records using this ips one by one

Leave name column blank use above Ips in Destination IPv4 Address 

Add Custom Domain with BigRock

Add 4 Ips Step by Step

Add Custom Domain with BigRock

After creating 4 different A Records now time is to C-Name for your domain

Go to Cname records column tab and and click on Add Cname record

www in Name box and put Value and Save your C-Name

like this

Add Custom Domain with BigRock

Now We Need To Add other 1 Cname Record from our Blog

Now Go to Your Blog

1 – Login to your Blogger Account

2- Click on your blog => Setting -> Choose Basic

Now Click On + Set up a third-party URL for your blog

Then Enter your Custom Domain After CLICK on SAVE button and You’ll See Error Like This Don’t Worry Follow Me:-

Then your blog ask you to verify authority on that domain name. Now you have to create another CName record in Domain DNS to verify.

Simply add 2nd C-Name as we have done for adding www and, no need to create it again. Create cname only using verification codes

we need to add 2nd CName Host and Destination..

Now click on Add Record and all Done

Now After following all above steps carefully it may take sometimes like 10-15 mins ( wait for alteast 5 min and click on reload button and add your custom domain again and click on save and done ) or Few hours  to updates DNS settings and blog verification. After few hours add domain name again by switching custom settings in your blogs.
Please Leave a Comment if you Face Any Problems =)
Custom Domain with Bigrock


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