About Us!

Hi ! Very glad that you’re here to know about me. I’m Gaurang Thakor, the founder of this site Hackerspedia.com . Blogging is something that always drags my attention, because I am a blog geek and, crazy about blogging and SEO since the past 2 years or so. I have been sharing my views on this field by writing on various blogs. The reason to start my own blog is to share my views directly with many people on the platform of internet, so that there will be more scope for exposure. My blog Hackerspedia.com mainly focuses on the latest trends, tips and tricks in Search Engine Optimization and also lets you know about the latest trends on internet and how the day to day changes are going to effect the websites here.

A website is nothing without Search Engine Optimization. One can not take a website to top in the search engines without doing proper SEO and using proper key words for the articles they put in their blog/website. This is where Hackerspedia concentrates and this is why you have to look out in Hackerspedia.com

We will include all the latest updates and changes regularly that take place in the internet that will help you to take your blog into the top in Google.

If you have any kind of suggestion or complains you can mail me here :- gaurang.thakor85@gmail.com