Buying A Winchester Gun Safe for Sale That’s Ideal For You

Looking to buy a Winchester gun safe for your mansion or corporate office? Selecting one from the wide range of gun safes that the company has to offer can be a tough decision. There are so many options and features in each gun safe that deciding which one to buy can be extremely confusing. Typically selecting a gun safe that’s appropriate for you would involve finding one from the lot that offers features that best fill your needs and requirements. Let’s now discuss the features of some of the Winchester Gun Safes.

Winchester Gun Safe Review

150th Anniversary Limited Edition Winchester Gun Safe For Sale

If you’re on the hunt for a gun safe that offers fire protection, burglary protection and various other features, the 150th Anniversary Limited Edition Winchester Gun Safe is just the thing for you. The steel strap hinges on the door of this gun safe are solid and externally welded, protecting the safe from fires. Additionally the bolt system has a 3 way locking system that prevents burglaries and theft. This model of the Winchester Gum Safes is ideal for those who need to keep certain important documents and files locked away.

Ranger Winchester Gun Safe For Sale

The Ranger Winchester Gun Safe range offers three types safes to potential customers and clients. These three include the Ranger 19 safe, the Ranger 31 safe and the Ranger 42 safe. Ranger 19 has 22 long guns. Ranger 31 has 39 long guns and Ranger 42 has 42 long guns. All these varieties are both burglar as well as fire proof. Typically suited for homes small and medium sized homes and offices, the Ranger series of gun safes are affordable and compactly sized to fit in almost anywhere.

Big Daddy Winchester Gun Safe For Sale

The Big Daddy gun safe offered by Winchester is fire proof as well as burglar proof. The long gun capacity of the safe is 48 and the size of the safe makes it ideal for a medium to large sized office or commercial setup. Some additional features that this model has to offer is that is has a limited lifetime warranty, an accessory door panel installed and the model uses a single power outlet. Although steeply priced in comparison to the Ranger series of the Winchester gun safes, these safes also fit in well at small and medium sized hotels.

Legacy Winchester Gun Safe For Sale

The Legacy range of gun safes by Winchester are steeply priced but heavy duty safes. Ideal for large scale organisations, hotels, corporate houses, government offices, leading law firms and various other places, these safes are both burglar proof as well as fire proof. The Legacy 44 has 51 long guns while the Legacy 53 too has the same number of guns. This gun safe has a limited lifetime warranty and LED light kit installed.

Tactical Winchester Gun Safe For Sale

The Tactical series of gun safes offered by Winchester has midrange price. They aren’t as reasonable as Ranger series nor are they as expensive as the Legacy series. The gun safes are burglar as well as fire protected. They are ideal for homes, offices and government offices of small and medium sizes. They have a limited lifetime warranty and are medium sized. They don’t occupy too much space.

You need to select a gun safe that fits properly in the space that you’re allocating to it. Additionally while deciding what safe you want to purchase, you also need to think about what you’re locking away behind the doors of the safe. If they are documents of national importance, then you may want to get a safe like the Legacy. On the other hand if you want to just store your passport and other documents in your home, the Ranger safe will be adequate for you.

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