Casper Apk 2017: Casper Snapchat App for Android 2017

Casper Apk or Casper Snapchat App: for android is available for all the android version that mean it will runs on any android smartphone. As the official Snapchat app will delete all your messages and other details after some periods and you are not able to see your all past details or messages in Snapchat App.

Casper app is an Unofficial application which allows user to download their entier messages and other details to save and it’s totally free application to download on your android smartphone.

Casper Apk for Android 2017

Casper Apk

Casper Snapchat Apk

Casper apk is world popular andorid app which let users to download their messages and chats and it’s highly trending in USA. In Casper Snapchat Apk you can take screenshot easily you just need android smartphone with camera, from where you can take Screenshort by pressing your smartphone power button and volume buttones, Some phones have diffrent way to taking screenshot, you better google to know if you don’t know how to take screenshot in your mobile phone. You can also get a fastest screenshot on Snapchat and able to share with your social media and friends.

You can download latest Casper Apk App from here.

What is Casper Apk? Casper Snapchat?

Still not getting the idea about What is Casper Apk app?  Well! don’t worry you will find here full details about Casper App 2017. So in short this app take screenshot from your smartphone so that you can easily share it with anyone.

In this app you will find Capture Screen option so you can easily share your Snap to anyone in the world by sharing on social media sites. or you can share with them privetly. So, means Casper Snapchat is an Android Screenshot app and it save lots of time as it’s have directly Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter share buttons.

Features of Casper Snapchat Apk

  • 1) All time favourite: You can save Snapchat messages as soon as you received them.
  • 2) No limit for snaps, It’s Free, and Unlimited.
  • 3) Casper Snapchat Apk allow us to send messages to our friend and friends in Facebook.
  • 4) It have lot of add-ons, filter you can use after install
  • 5) This app is totally free downloadable app you can use any of free versions of this app
  • 6) Supporting all the android version. You just need any android smartphone.

Casper Apk Free Download

As the Casper App is no longer available in Google Play Store, As Casper has shudown! Still you can download Casper Snapchat by clicking here. We have also share guidance on How to install Casper App on your android smartphone.

How to install Casper Apk

1) Download Casper Snapchat app from here 

2) Select file download location and click on save button.

3) After Download, Click on Install

4) If you get any error in Installing Casper app. Follow Step 5

5) Go to Setting > Security setting >> enable install from Unknown sources

6) Now you will able to install app and enjoy unlimted snaps and messages.

How to use Casper Snapchat App?

you might be wondering what to do after installing Casper Snapchat? Well as i earlier said don’t worry. We will guide you.

Open Casper Snapchat Apk and click on Login and Enter you official Snapchat login details and use as a official Snapchat app and Save snaps and messages and share with on social media and also share with your friends.

Changelos of Casper App 2017

  • Casper APK Latest Version
    Improve security date and boosts speed
  • Casper
    Fix all bugs have with send data
  • Casper
    Buildable with android nougat

Frequently Asked Questions about Casper App

  • 1) How do purchase add-ons?
    Go to the addon page select you want addon and tap on the buy now.
  • 2) Can I get the refund with add-ons purchase?
  • 3) How to Remove Advertisements?
    After you purchase add-on you can remove

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