6 Tricks up your sleeve to Save on your E-shopping

Online Shopping

Online Shopping

Shopping online is definitely easy, but it’s not always as pocket-friendly or economic as you might think it to be. Well it is no doubt, but you need to have the right tricks up your sleeves to make it work that way.

Or else, you might end up paying more than the product is worth. Ofcourse there are some basic steps of checks and balances you can take in order to prevent that from happening and making sure you get the product at the least possible cost.

That’s exactly what I’m discussing throughout this piece, some basic tips to save some money the next time you’re shopping online.

Compare Prices Both Online and Offline :-

You must have heard of price-comparison websites, it’s one of the oldest tricks in the books. Just compare your product on one of them and they’ll list out the pricing on almost each of those platforms.

In addition to that, you can also get them checked “offline”, if you’re buying something over $300-500, every bit of research counts, so make sure you ask around in your local shops before making any final decisions.

Shipping Fee:-

It constitutes a large part of your credit card bills if you ever take a “totaled, calculated” look. It’s like on every INR 200 you spend online, you’re spending INR 50 on shipping, add that to large figures and you’ll notice you’ve spent quite a fortune on shipping.

The best way to avoid this is to check the E-commerce portal’s shipping fee policies. Most websites offer free shipping if you meet a specific checkout amount.

If you’re short by a small difference, just buy anything else which you might need not maybe instantly but even a month later. That way, you’ll be saving shipping on both the products + you’re getting a product in advance!

Patience is Rewarding:-

Let’s say you need to throw a party. Well you can surely wait a day or two, can’t you? If you can, maybe Zomato might throw couple Zomato Coupons. And the same goes for every other E-commerce portal, regardless of what they’re selling.

Use Coupons:-

Obviously, coupons offer discounts, coupons save money, coupons are good. Before buying anything next time, just do a preliminary Google search with keywords like BigBasket Coupons, or Amazon Coupons, or for any other portal you might be interested in.

There obviously are more than just one kind of coupons, but that’s a topic for another day.

Return Policies:-

It’s not always a good day online, so make sure you know what their return policy is, so that you don’t end up paying for the delivery and shipping of the items which is as good as throwing away money.

Also make sure there’s sufficient “trial” period, and the “return acceptance” reasons are logical and practical. Because if they won’t accept something you return, well it’s a 100% waste of money isn’t it?

Wait for Sale Days:-

Sale days aren’t as uncommon as most people perceive them to be. The best thing about the Globe is, there always is one or the other festival going on. And when there isn’t, the E-commerce portals have their own calendar of launch days, silver and gold jubilees and what not.

Point being, if you can be just a tad bit patient, say a week or two, you might save up like 50-60% on your next purchases.

Final Words:-

I think that’s enough “shopping tips” for one day. Just make sure you employ all of them, and get back to me with your experience.

I’d really love to know how it went with your next E-shopping day.

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