7 Free Apps to Learn Anything Online

With the digitalization of the modern day world, seeking to expand one’s knowledge base and learn more about particular topics is easier than it’s ever been. The abundance of information available on the internet gives its users the potential to learn in a comprehensive and convenient manner.


The fact that there is an abundance of information available online is not unknown; however, being unable to gain access to such information is where most people fail to make the most out of it. Availability of user-friendly and comprehensive platforms allow users to gain access to such information and learn as much as they seek to. Such platforms are available in the form of Apps and help people meet their knowledge-based objectives.

Some free Apps available to allow people learn online are listed below.



“Take the world’s best courses, online.”

Coursera is an application giving users the opportunity to take a variety of free and paid courses at the convenience of their homes or in transit from the vast menu of courses it offers.

Coursera allows users to stream lecture videos on their phones or computers to quench their thirst for knowledge. It provides specialized courses from prestigious educational organizations which certify the users with the skills they seek to develop.

The app can be accessed and explored in various languages to make it available to as many people as possible. Users can assess their understanding by taking quizzes, projects etc.



With 1,500+ Certifiable skills, Degreed Skill Certification lets you show the world what you’re made of.

Providing professional and informal learning material, degreed is a platform designed to help users learn on the go and keep track of their learning. It provides a large bank of learning materials for users to compare and pick the best one according to their needs and preferences.

The app gives its users the option to record the courses they have undergone on the App and add them to their Degreed profiles. This helps users keep track of what they’ve learnt and give an overview of their experience.

Khan Academy


“You can learn anything.
For free. For everyone. Forever.”

Khan Academy provides a platform for its users to learn anything for free with the help of over 10,000 videos and explanations covering a versatile range of subjects like science, maths, history, economics etc.

The application promotes in depth learning with the help of interactive exercises and detailed articles for its users to learn in a much more comprehensive manner.

The courses and study material provided by Khan Academy are completely free of cost and cater to the needs of various types of users, not just constricting  to students.



“The Free Encyclopedia.”

Wikipedia is known to be one of the largest online knowledge banks with information about every topic on the planet ranging from biographies to technical topics. The material can be altered by users with expertise in those topics, giving it more perspective and a personalized touch.

The app allows its users to explore various articles and material available on its database for free. Wikipedia also allows users to access the database offline, with a separate app.




“Free Online Courses.
Advance Your Career. Improve your life.”

edX provides free online courses from some of the world’s best universities and institutions, including courses from experts at Harvard, MIT, Microsoft and more.

The app covers a wide range of subjects under the courses and study material it provides. The course videos can either be live streamed or downloaded for users to be able to continue learning even when they do not have access to the internet.

It also provides quizzes and exams for users to test their knowledge and learn in a more effective manner.



“Ideas worth Spreading.”


TED hosts conferences and talks with experts from various industries and professions and gives them a platform to talk about their experiences and ideas. These talks can be extremely helpful for the audience as they provide perspective directly prominent figures in different industries.

TED provides a vast video library for users to browse through. The app provides the feature to stream these talks on the phones of its users with subtitles in over 100 languages. The talks may be downloaded and watched offline on a later time.



“Curiosity Makes you Smarter.”

Curiosity helps people capitalize on their thirst for knowledge with the help of short, easy to read articles that enhance learning and call for more learning.

Curiosity also provides videos designed by competent educational content creators to help its users expand their knowledge. The material provided is vast, with 5,000+ articles and over a million videos on a wide variety of topics which can be searched for by its users. Based on the preferences of users, they can save their favourite material and follow the categories they are interested in.

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