Gain Traffic On Youtube Through Content Promotion {with bonus}

The only thing which separates a good content from an average one is the way you use many strategy for content promotion

Content plays a significant role in writing the success story for your blog. Good content is necessary to grip the reader till the end of the post.

There are millions of websites and blogs with billions of published articles. We can’t even imagine the amount of content that is produced every day.

So what separates a good site from an average one?

Do you think that every blog uses a different content or breaks a new story every time they publish their posts and articles?

The world is running through marketing my friend and in the blogging world, it’s the content promotion which flips the coin in your favour

There is no such strategy of producing a fresh content while writing a new blog post. Bloggers read the content from their competitive blogs and process the aggregate information in their words while writing their post.

DOES this mean they cannot attract viewers to their blog?

Well, there is surely a strategy you can use in this situation popularly known as Content promotion. But before that let us brush up our basics of writing a fantastic blog post

  1. Research twice before writing CONTENT for your blog post. This is important to write a distinguished post o your blog.
  2. Use eye catchy headlines to attract more visitors.
  3. Use “low” competitive keywords
  4. Always go through your competitors and famous websites and analyze their content.
  5. Use Images and infographics in your post.
  6. Be simple!! You are not writing a research paper. (Until it’s the genre of your blog)

Gain Traffic On Youtube Through Content Promotion {with bonus}

So that was all about importance of content and writing a good content but that’s not enough!! Yes, you heard it right my friend. That is just 10% of the accomplished task.

You are through with content creation but what about content promotion and engagement? How would you build your online presence and engage more viewers and readers?

Do you know that content promotion plays a major role in outsourcing your blog post to millions of users?

This is the era of video marketing. One would like to watch a video on a particular topic rather than flipping through tonnes of web pages on the web.

Well, for instance, you want to search for big data, you would surely like to watch a 5 min video on that rather than scanning multiple articles and posts.

Now have you got the idea of what I’m talking about? If not, just try to touch your nose with your tongue then come back to this post and skim it all again till here.

Basics To Start Youtube For Content Promotion

Gain Traffic On Youtube Through Content Promotion {with bonus}

YouTube has some pretty amazing stats. About 100 hrs of videos are being uploaded to YouTube every minute

Yes, you heard it right. According to statistics and average person spend 4-5 hours every day watching videos. Don’t you think it is a pretty amazing platform to attract more viewers to your website?

Check out any renowned YouTuber like Geeky Ranjit, AIB, Super Women, they all have MASS Followers and that is because they all are the masters of content promotion and marketing on YouTube.

Now, before going any further just marks today’s date in your calendar.

This is because you will be getting more visitors from today, the bounce rate of your blog will decrease and not only this, you will be able to create more sales from your blog now.

Let us now learn how you can optimise your YouTube Video to attract more visitors to your blog.

So suppose you are running a blog on fitness, health, blogging, celebrity, technology, gadgets or any other niche, you should start making videos relating to that niche and post them on YouTube. In that video, you can always refer to your website or blog.

This way it will tell your viewers on YouTube that you have a blog too and if they liked your video it is a good probability that they’ll be visiting your blog too.

So the moral of the story is that you should have an amazing video that would propel the viewer to visit your website and read your content.

Let’s discuss how to do that?

The basics of blogging and YouTubing are pretty much connected. With a little practice and dedication, you too can learn the art of content promotion on YouTube.

Here are few points to give you general overview

  • Do you know that an average person on YouTube tends to watch a video if it has a pretty amazing title
  • The Thumbnail of your video should be captivating, and preferably custom made
  • You should always add a proper intro to your video. It is crucial to distinguish your video from others
  • Just research the keyword that is hot on YouTube before filling in the KEYWORD field in the video manager section of your YouTube Channel.

Now you see how the basics of blogging have saved your time in understanding the YouTube basics.

Now let us see more marketing and ranking our site on the front page of the search engine.

Crucial Steps For Content Promotion On Youtube

Gain Traffic On Youtube Through Content Promotion {with bonus}

  • Try to make a video ranging from 3-5 min. People hate long videos
  • Always keep your videos in a proper playlist so that the next video launches soon after the end of your present video. This will help you to engage your viewers for a longer period
  • It doesn’t depend on the quantity of the video, it all depends on the QUALITY of the video
  • Always use stock images in your videos. A copyrighted image that you downloaded through torrent can finish your career at once if you get caught by Google or the person having the copyrights. It would be better to click your own photos. This gives a little uniqueness to your content.
  • Always research your topic before making a video on it. Try to provide new content to your viewers which they haven’t seen till now
  • Add proper voiceovers to your video. Just remember, a good video is the one having a good audio. People will hate those creepy horror sounds of your moving chair
  • Choose a proper environment before doing the video shoot
  • Try to use a good camera while shooting your videos. You may not do it from the starting but keep it at your highest priority when you start earning from your videos
  • Use the annotations adequately to convert your viewers into subscribers. People do click on internal links if they find the video good.
  • While making solo videos, do add a background music(stock music). This will hide background noises
  • Add a SUBSCRIBE button to your videos. This will help you to create more subscribers
  • Be consistent. Post regularly and leave the rest to your viewers

For sure, YouTube is a free resource for marketing your blog to millions of users.

So this was the onscreen efforts you should make to reach a good mark on YouTube.

Let’s see some offscreen shots that are as much necessary as the onscreen ones

  • Always wear clothes of the contrasting colours with your surrounding. This will help you to get highlighted in the video and prevent the viewer to focus anywhere else in the video
  • Making video is an art and a highly skilled profession. So you should always focus to on enhancing the quality and content of your videos. Read books, watch tutorials, visit the crowded areas to know people opinion and latest trends in the market.
  • You should have a good command over your language. For this, read the dictionary and thesaurus regularly
  • Prevent from stammering and instances like “hmm” and “aaa” while making the video. This gives a sense of confusion to the viewer watching your video
  • Groom properly. You may not always brush your teeth and have a bath but you should look presentable in front of the camera
  • Keep your environment clean. for example- while making a video seated on your chair, your desk should not be cluttered with unused substances like books, stationery, utensils etc. This gives the image of shabbiness to your viewer

So that was all about Content promotion and marketing and I can guarantee that you will surely benefit if you follow the steps.


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