Hostinger Cloud VPS Hosting: Premium Features at Affordable Pricing!

Once your website grows and your need for resources grow, you will need more than a shared hosting plan. When it came to my websites, I needed to upgrade and I chose Hostinger’s cloud VPS hosting solution. I already used their shared hosting and was fully satisfied with that they had to offer. The performance and reliability was already great, but with their VPS hosting solution the experience was almost out of this world. Once you use Hostinger’s Cloud VPS hosting service, you will not want to choose others. It is affordable and offers extremely high performance and reliability.



Best Stability & Speed

Hostinger offers Linux based Cloud VPS hosting. My websites have become extremely fast as I get access to a number of premium resources including:

  • Dedicated server space
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Full SSH root
  • Endless resource scalability (as and when your websites grow)

And all this comes for prices starting from just $4.95 per month. Imagine a Cloud VPS hosting plan starting from less than $5 a month! Hostinger has certainly redefined this segment.

Hostinger Plans

Hostinger Plans

Easy-to-use Installer

If you want to have full control over what OS and web scripts are installed on your Cloud virtual private server, Hostinger provides an easy-to-use auto installer. Choose from the most widely used web scripts and OS templates. There is no need to do all the hard work. You will find already optimized VPS installation containers.

It takes just a single click to do anything you want:

  • Install any Linux OS
  • Install any add-ons
  • Set up a WordPress VPS cloud server
  • Build VPN servers
  • Build Minecraft
  • Integrate all-in-one LAMP

Faster Loading & Better User Experience

When I upgraded, I found the web host claiming that its Cloud VPS solution was 30 times faster than the best shared hosting solution available. And I found things to be true. It is like your website getting a big boost of performance. Not only did the page load speed and processing speed become exceptionally high, the company also claimed zero-downtime. Talk about reliability and speed for your website and it makes all the sense to choose Hostinger’s Cloud VPS for prices starting from just $4.95.

A VPS Hosting Service that is Easy to Manage

Imagine managing a VPS server on your own if you are not an experienced webmaster. Hostinger actually makes it easier to manage Cloud VPS due to its simple VPS control panel.

All it requires is basic IT skills and just a few clicks.  Reboot the private servers, turn the power on/off, install web scripts, keep track of server stats, get root access, and do much more with just a click on an easy-to-use interface. Take backups and restore data or schedule it to your convenience.

Easy & Reliable Data Backups

There is a reason why the ‘cloud’ is such a big thing when it comes to choosing Hostinger’s Cloud VPS solution. When you take data backups, you can remain assured that they are stored safely on the cloud and can be restored anytime. This web host also uses double RAID protection that ensures that the backups can never be lost.

Take backups of databases, files and folders with a few clicks and forget about their safety. Even when it comes to restoring the data, you can get it back in seconds.

Dedicated IP

Hostinger is less about marketing and more about delivering value-for-money hosting solutions. This is the reason they provided premium features at affordable prices. All their VPS hosting plans come with dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 internet protocols. This helps ensure that all the scripts and add-ons work flawlessly without any issues.

Dedicated 24 By 7 Live Chat Support

Hostinger’s friendly support staff is available 24 by 7 for both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting plans. When it comes to managing a Cloud VPS plan, you will certainly need help and answers to queries once in a while. And having a courteous and professional support professional just a few clicks away is a great thin. They are knowledgeable and have vast experience in Cloud technology and solutions.

When it comes to upgrading from shared hosting to a VPS plan, choosing a Cloud VPS solution is the ideal solution today. Hostinger provides you the best of Cloud VPS technology without costing a fortune like others. With plans starting from just $4.95 a month and the level of stability, uptime and the trust of 29.6 million clients that comes with it, you simply cannot ignore what this web host has to offer.

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