How To Crash Someone’s WhatsApp

Crash Someone’s Whats App or Force Them To Delete Your All Messages!

Researchers had noticed that sending a 7MB-large message on WhatsApp can crash down the app. But recent reports state that even 2KB (around 2,000 words) special character text on WhatsApp might result WhatsApp to crash down.

Media reports also state that the bug will delete your chat history and shut down the app on Android handsets. Even if you try to go back to the app, the bug attack will force the app to shut down again. If the 2KB message appears on your group chats, each member of WhatsApp group will be affected. This indirectly will force you to leave the group.

Download Special Character Text From here :- Click To Download Chiness Encoded ASCII

Test :- I Sent to my ex gf who saving our old messages 😛  =D

It’s Only For Andorid Os not Working with iOs and Windows 8.1

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