How to Deface website Via Encodable Shell File Upload!

After posting Last article friends were asking me for more new and easy methods for web hacking so i am posting a new article. Very few of them know this method. For thos who knows this method sorry for them and those who dont know will like this post , I hope… 🙂

Encodable Shell File upload is also a vulnerability in which we can upload our DEFACE PAGES or SHELLS…

Deface Website via Encodable Shell File Upload


1) Goto google and type in the following dork:

“intext:File Upload by Encodable“

2)  Many results will be there but some of them will be Thier ! So you just want to open of which ‘s title is “Upload File” or something like that!

You can Use Any Site !

3) Now select your Deface page by clicking Browse button..

Deface Website via Encodable Shell Upload

In e-mail Tab Use any Fake E-mail Like = [email protected]

4) Press begin upload.. It will be uploading and take for a min

5) Your deface name will be shown, Click on that

5) Your deface is uploaded…Thatss itt … 🙂

Deface Website via Encodable Shell Upload

Hope you like it!

URL :-

Thank You!

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