How to Fix “Android System Recovery 3e” on Android Device

Are you browsing to resolve the issue of Android System Recovery 3e? In this error, your Android phone or tablet does not power on in a proper way. It shows no mobile network and thus, you are unable to operate your mobile’s functions. Let me explain first what is “Android System Recovery”.

It is a feature by using which you can hard reset without accessing the “Settings” utility. If the touch screen of your Android is not working well, your device does not turn on correctly, or you are unable to approach Settings, Android System Recovery screen helps you significantly. You can use this feature to erase data and cache memory.

If you want to get into Android System Recovery, just switch off your Android phone and then press and keep holding the combination of Volume up key + Power key + Home key.

Fix Android System Recovery 3e on Android

Method #1: 

Seldom, you get into this feature and unable to move ahead. You are stuck and the system does not work. The main reason to be stuck on Android System Recovery screen is that any key from the combination was defective. Specifically, you need to check the Volume up key that may be defective. You should keep pressing all of the three keys for a few times so that they may be in their right position. You need to power off your device and try again to press down the combination of keys mentioned above.

Method #2:

If still you are facing problem in booting Android System Recovery, you should just remove the battery for about two to three minutes and then install the battery again. See if it does work now?

Method #3:

It may be the software issue. So, you need to use here “Factory Data Reset” feature to wipe the current settings on your Android phone. It will erase the defective settings or software currently occupying your phone.

  • So, go to Settings”

Android System recovery 3e

  • In “Personal” category, there will be an option “Backup & Reset.” Just tap this option to go ahead.

Android System Recovery 3e

  • At the bottom of the list, there will be your required option “Factory data reset.”

Android System Recovery 3e

  • After that See Click on “Reset”.


Before using this option, you should backup your sensitive data because this option will reset your device and all data currently saved in your phone, contacts, messages, software and documents will be present no more. So, before going ahead, you should backup your important data.
If you have lost, luckily, a software jihosoft Android Data Recovery tool is here at your service. It fetches your important files, contacts, videos and other files back to your system within a few minutes.


Method #4:

If your problem persists, you need to test the liquid or physical damages on your Android phone. It should be monitored carefully to fix this error. Your phone may be having a damaged button or key that can be the cause of this problem.

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