How To Get Approved By Google Adsense Via YouTube Trick ?

Everybody Know that Google Adsense is the Best Place for Making Money. It is a Program by Google that Enable Publishers to Generate Cash Through his Websites or Blogs. Adsense can generate cash according to per-page-expression and per-page-click.

Geeting Approved by Google Adsense is Very Difficult Game, So Keep in Mind that It is a Money Making Machine and Work on Adsense and You will Get Approved by GA by Follow These Simple Steps

On The Other side its ia Also Known name in the market of Advertising Network that is the main Source of Money to Adsense. It is a Dream of Every Blogger to have an Adsense Account So, Today am Gonna Show that How to Get Approved by Google Adsense Network. Sounds Good, There is no Complex work that you can Do It. Just Follow These Below Steps to Get Approved by Google Adsense.

  • Steps to Get Approved by Google Adsense Program

Create Google Account if you have Already, So SKIP.

Go to This YouTube Monetization Page.

Now in Monetization TAB you can See the Option of “Enable My Account“. Just Click on It.

Now After Doing This a Pop-Up Dialog Box is Open that is “Term & Conditions”. Accept it.

Now a page will Open Where You can Click on “Monetize” Button.

You can Enable your “Monetization Option” for your Youtube videos

Lets Do It, Now Time to Approve Google Adsense.

UPLOAD, 5-10 Unique Video that you create by him Self.

Wait ! ! Get Some Views on Your Youtube Videos.

Now Again go To “YouTube Monetization Page” and Find the Option “How Will i Paid” Expand it and Click on “Associate a Adsense Account Link“.

Screen will Open Where you Submit the URL of Your Channel Where you want to Show Adsense Ads.

Click on “Continue” ans Submit Application.

Wait for a 1-2 Hour, Check Your Inbox and you got Mail From Adsense Program.


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