How To Get Enable WhatsApp Calling Feautre on Your Smartphone

Learn how to activate or Get Android Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature Apk in your phone without Rooting!

in this post we’ll tell you that, how to activate whatsapp voice call feaurte enable on your smartphone (android users) Though it’s not open for all only few Indian users are managed to get this awesome Free calling whatsapp service. Whatsapp recently cleared out that they opened it for few users just for testing purpose. Soon whatsapp users will get their service on their mobile. Windows users are not getting yet. According to the leaks only apple iOS and Android users got this feature and not all the only few managed to grasp.

How to get Whatsapp Calling Apk feature in Android 

whatsapp calling
To activate or Get free whatsapp calling feature you have to download whatsapp latest Apk 
Those who want to enable WhatsApp calling feature, Download and Install this latest version of Whatsapp ,Download Whatsapp APK From Here :- Click To Download

Now You Just Need To Ping Me on My WhatsApp +917405574696 then after i will call you and you’ll get enable whatsapp calling feature simply no need to root  just ping me on my whatsapp number. after whatsapp call you can see your whatsapp like below image…

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