How to Start A Handyman Business Website

Table of contents:

  • Why do you have to mark your presence online?
  • What do you need to start a website today?
  • How do you choose a theme for my website?
  • Can you get your own logo for your brand?
  • Why do you have to mark your presence online?

The biggest half of this blog’s audience includes entrepreneurs and businessmen. It’s a pretty big pleasure to talk to this kind of community and today we need to talk business.

Internet and social media became a real deal for the last few years and nowadays, if you do not have a website or a facebook page of your business, you simply do not exist for the majority of your potential clients.

Of course, you can use the advertising boards where you can post the phone number of your company and a physical address, but that’s not exactly the best way to mark your presence online.

If you want to run your business successfully you have to follow the trends and understand how to market your product online. So let me underline what you need to have prior to starting the website for your business. What do you need to start a website today?

When you work on establishing your business presence on the internet, you’ve got to have a strong understanding of what you need to have in order to go live.

First of all, you have to get yourself a decent logo for your business. There are lots of examples of situations when offline store’s logo doesn’t even have an electronic version of their logo. Or the one they have is not vector, so when they try to adapt it to their website it pixelates as hell and looks ridiculous.

Getting a top quality logo for your business is a number one thing to do. This is the image that your customer will remember the first thing when he thinks about your business.

That’s why I’d like to advise you going to professional graphic designers and get a full branding identity or simply a logo if you do not have a high budget.

There is also an even more simple solution for those who do not have their branding materials.

This is a great alternative for you if you have a limited budget and do not want to pay a big fat check to some web-design studio.

A wide selection of logos will help you save some money and get a great logo at the same time.

Are you still looking for a studio that can create a logo for you? Are you ready to pay good money for a top-notch product? You’ve got to check out the TemplateMonster’s logo creation offer. They can design a logo for your business in a few days. Once you’ve purchased this services, you’ll be provided with a few logo options within 48 hours. When you choose the one you like and give some feedback, you’ll get a ready-to-use logo and all the needed materials.

Then you have to choose a template for your future website. Of course, you can pay lots of money to some freelancer or a whole web-studio, but that’s kind of an unreasonable waste of money. Nowadays, there are so many options that you can find in the marketplaces like TemplateMonster, Envato or others. Working with their premium WordPress Themes is easy.

I’m sure that some of you have a small company and do not have a huge budget for such things like website development. Maybe some of you just simply love to do everything by yourself. That’s where you can save money and get your hands dirty in a good way.

The next thing you need for making your future website successful is working on the SEO component of your website. It means that all the content you will post on your website should be unique and SEO-optimized. The only thing you can be sure right now when you’ve got yourself a TemplateMonster WordPress theme is that it’s SEO-friendly and optimized for the best search engine rankings.

But we all know and understand that it’s not all you’ve got to do. If you want to make sure that your content and whole website is SEO-optimized enough, make sure you add to your card our SEO booster pack. Our team of developers will check out your website and make sure that it’s ready to be ranked number one on the internet search pages!

How do you choose a theme for my website?

We are building a Handyman services website and if you think that TemplateMonster doesn’t have a good-looking template for this niche you are very wrong.

They have recently released their multipurpose theme called JohnnyGo. What is a multipurpose theme? Well, that a template for WordPress CMS that includes more than one skins, but it costs like one theme. So it means that getting one multipurpose theme is a great investment, cause you’ll be able to use it on different projects or simply switch the skins on your website a few time a year, that’s up to you.

So this is a template that I personally recommend you taking advantage of if you are trying to build yourself a handyman business website. But in case you do not like it, you may check out the collection of best website templates on the market and choose whatever you like, cause all the prices are reasonable and pretty much the same.

What’s next?

So now you know where you can get the handyman website template, you even know how to get a decent logo for your project. I’m sure that now you have a question for me: what’s next?

That’s a fair question, but I’ve got you covered, no worries.

So now you’ve got to get some WordPress customization skills in order to work with a template you bought. Basically, any person without any coding knowledge can learn how to customize a template. However, for those who want all this information to be gathered in one place, I would recommend our ultimate manual on how to Start your Website.


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