Just About Cyberspace: Everything you need to know!

Security is a tradeoff. For time being, it is a balancing act between attackers and defenders. Tragically, that balance is not here to stay. Changes in innovation influence both the sides to maximize their actions and efforts to aim towards good or evil of society. What is intriguing being the distinction between how the two gatherings fuse new advances.

Changes in security frameworks can be moderate. Society needs to realize any new security flaws which come with the innovation and coordinate with the new technological advancement before the attackers improve upon. When a security update is recognized either by attacker or defender utilize the opportunity to build upon that and while they would be trying to get the new advancement to help their cause, an aggressor can simply utilize the new innovation before the defender uses it and create a chaotic situation to their advantage.


In India, the updated knowledge is a priority for universities like  Lovely Professional University Jalandhar, etc. It is one of the universities giving importance to their digitization process which will help the students to update their knowledge of ever-changing society and technology. Other universities like Manipal University, Jain University, etc. have a dynamic infrastructure and students can check out Manipal University fees structure, placements details, etc. on their website as well. Universities like these and other Indian universities as well are teaching their students the importance of the cybersecurity and the curriculum is advanced in terms of the knowledge required for present times.

Speaking about updated technology and strategy, the best example can be, the technological advancement in nuclear energy becoming a major advantage for the US in the World War 2 and how even the Soviet Union lost the cold war by the strategy of US to create disturbance from inside leading to the fall of the Soviet Union. The 2nd example was not an example of the technological advantage as even the Soviet Union had the nuclear stockpile much bigger than the US but it was rather an example of how updated strategy can work for the advantage of the party which uses it before.

In the age innovation, development to the point where a lot of data is put away on the internet. It is a direct result of this kind of individuals around the globe who have an easy time acquiring any kind of data. It is the best age where there is so much data exchange than ever before. Individuals can get access to a huge measure of data in a matter of minutes. In present-day times individuals can store touchy and crucial data and information on the internet, for example, funds, net banking, personal details of individual or organizations, etc. The internet is equipped for holding an entire history of one individual’s budgetary records and that individual can basically get to this whole history with a couple of snaps and passwords.

A capacity like this is just conceivable on the internet and information that is more delicate and basic to society, governments and individuals regularly store the information on the internet. In spite of the possibility of data being stolen, there are countermeasures taken by various organizations so that there is no data breach and hacking takes place. Cyberspace has its own pros and cons. As a user, it is our job to not indulge in any illegal cyber activity and make internet a safe service.

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