Making your Own Google Dorks For Hacking-Undestanding Dorks!

  • I Will Tell You Those Google Dorks Which Are Commonly Used By Hackers in Daily Life

Remember one thing that when ever you want to twin two dorks like if you want to join another dork with dork then you will use & symbol…

#1 :- intitle:file upload
This google dork is used to the entered text in website title like if we search ” intitle:file upload” then google will search all those websites whose title is file upload as u can see in pic below

#2 :- “intext:File Upload by Encodable“
This google dork used to find Site Vul. File Upload By Encodable if We Search ” “intext:File Upload by Encodable“ ” then Google Will Search All Those Sites Whose Can Vul. To Upload File By Encodable! In Pic Below
 as We Mentioned in our Last Post That How To Upload File By Encodable :- Upload By Encodable Vul.
 #3:- inurl admin login.asp
This google dork is used to find text every where weather in title or description or in url etc as if we enter inall:admin login this will search every where admin login text in website as in pic below
  1. Now can you twin dorks ?

yes you can twin the dorks by adding & symbol like & inurl:/admin/index.php & intext:user pass

Now what are the advantages of those dorks and why hackers use them ?  many of hackers use them for finding admin panels as for finding admin panel dork is inurl:/admin/index.php & intext:/welcome admin user name pass . now this dork will find admin panels and many hackers use those dorks for finding upload paths to upload their shells like & inurl:upload.php & intext:browse . now this dork will find upload paths in indian sites.. i recommend you to learn that because in future tutorials we gona need this..

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