Edit PDFs Conveniently with Movavi PDF Editor for Mac

PDF is one of the most popular document formats as it is universal and can be viewed on any platform without any formatting issues. Because of that fact as well as its numerous other benefits, it is currently the document format of choice when distributing documents or for business or legal documents too.

PDF Editor

PDF Editor

The only problem that you may encounter when handling PDF files is if you want to edit them it is easier said than done. Most of the editors that are available for Macs tend to either be powerful yet expensive and complicated, or affordable yet lacking in features. That is what makes Movavi PDF Editor for Mac stand out – as it presents a convenient, affordable and user-friendly option instead.


Features and Benefits of Movavi PDF Editor for Mac


Some of the more notable features in Movavi PDF Editor for Mac that make it so useful will allow you to:


  • Open any standard PDF files or images in JPG and PNG format in dedicated tabs that make it easy to switch between them when editing.
  • Add new pages to existing PDF files, remove unwanted pages, or rearrange the order that they appear in.
  • Extract any pages from a PDF document and create a new document from them.
  • Rotate the orientation of pages in PDF files so that they are uniform.
  • Insert JPG or PNG images into the pages of a PDF document and adjust their size, orientation and placement on the page.
  • Export documents and projects from software such as Word, Excel, Photoshop or AutoCAD in PDF format then merge them with existing documents.
  • Save individual pages from a PDF document as JPG or PNG images.
  • Save JPG or PNG images as PDF documents.


All in all Movavi PDF Editor for Mac is an excellent editor if you want to edit PDF documents in basic ways, or manage their contents and add to them.


Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly and intuitive making it perfect for beginners with little or no prior experience handling PDF documents.
  • Will let you add to or extract from PDF documents to append information or ‘spin off’ documents.
  • Has features that will let you insert and adjust images in PDF documents.
  • Can be used to create entirely new PDF documents by compiling PDFs exported from other software.



  • Text in PDF files cannot be edited directly within the editor itself.


Compared to other editors in its class, Movavi PDF Editor for Mac pulls its weight – and then some. Its features may be basic and not entirely comprehensive, but will afford you a great deal of flexibility when managing, adding to, or extracting from PDF files.

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