Playstation 5 Rumours – Features you might not Believe In

PlayStation 4 is still in the process, at this point of time the rumors have spread all over the online sites about the launch of PS5. The PlayStation 5 launch by Sony is going to be the best of all the previous versions with excellent features and options for the game lovers. The chiefs from the company also have released few updates regarding the launch of PS5. The Launch of PS5 will be expected to be based on the virtual reality which makes the huge impact over the followers to use it. PS5 rumours are spreading over the internet but the launch could be planned to execute in the year 2020.

PlayStation 5 rumours

PlayStation 5 rumours

What could be expected from PlayStation 5?

The PlayStation 5 can set a new stage for optical computing technology implementation which will take place in few years. So the update of PlayStation will be based on the cloud-based tools from your PC.  PS5 will require the high level to compete with the high-end processors. So the update version fully depends upon the developer’s choice. They will decide by comparing the existing version with the real time scenario. The PS5 will come with next generation level features which make us enjoy the different gaming environment. The Sony Company will have an ideology to make their customers feel better when using their products.

PS5 Release Date

The last update from the Sony has come up with PS4 in the year 2013. The officials from the company have revealed the company is now going to think about their next launch in the upcoming years with different facilities. They would take much time to launch the new version as we look up their previous updates are talking genuine time span to for them to develop the best one. According to the predictions, the PS5 will be getting ready at the end of the year 2020.

Expected price tag

It’s very hard to guess the expected value for the new PS5 after its launch. As per the previous updates of Sony PS2, 3 and 4 price tags, they are come up around $400 mark. So we can expect the PS5 can be marked around above 400$ from Sony. This is just a prediction from the past rates. Sony can decide the rate and other aspects while they ready to launch the product officially for their customers.

Design and specifications of PS5

As per the existence, Sony will move beyond the expectations with an optical drive. Also, it will compact in design and simple to use with high-end gaming processors which could accommodate one for the clients around the globe also for the retail sellers. Also, PS5 can be developed like virtual reality which is crucial in the play station process. It is also added with amazing features on the PS5 update.


There are many assumptions that the PS5 will be released in the year 2018. But the sources indicate that the PS5 will be launched in the year 2020 with unbelievable features and specifications to make the gaming lovers happy forever with VR platform.

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