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Speed up Your Website Speed : Hello Guys! Do you know slow loading website speed affects huge in search engines ranking. Many people have good knowledge about seo and but sometimes their site’s ranking gets down due to slow web page loading. Because, Google takes action of every activity of your site.

Google analysis the responses of your visitors by its crawlers. And slow web page loading also gives a negative response to Google. And 60% audience of your site get return from your site’s page before opened. So, Google doesn’t like it. Because Google respected and world’s largest search engine, So if you have also this same problem so don’t worry it’s naturally happens with some sites, Mostly with new site.

But there are best 6 Best ways available to speed up your site, that we are going to show in this article. and it’s not big issue to solve this problem. Just read here and apply on your website and keep apply on your site, surely it will increase your webpage loading speed. And keep checking your website’s loading speed time on Pingdom tool, Its free tool available to check site’s loading speed online.

6 Ways to Speed up Your Website Speed

Speed up your website

  1.  Use WP Rocket Plugin.

Wp Rocket is a Premium and WordPress Plugin to speed up website’s loading time. And i have seen some websites which is using this plugin. And their website’s loading time speed is super. So you should use this plugin if you have too much problem of loading speed of WordPress website, and you did already tried some method.

So it will definitely increase speed of your site’s web pages. But it’s paid plugin you have to pay for it, if you want to use this plugin. It is not available in Free anywhere, it have three Plans of payment – Personal, Business and Professional. in Personal Plan, we have to pay $ 39 for 1 year.

It can be make your site loadable of around 1-3 seconds. It has too many amazing features, if you are going to use this plugin, so we hope it will boost your website loading speed too.

  1.  Speed Up your website by Using CDN.

All we know that CDN is very useful to speed up website loading, and the use of CDN is much different than WP Rocket plugin, and also  It gives different experience of its use. It can increase good loading speed of your site. and it’s one of the best free option we have to increase our website’s loading speed. If you are newbie in blogging so you should use it.

  1.  Increase Speed Of Blogger Website By Image Optimization.

Blogger doesn’t have advanced options to increase speed of site, but Google gives chance to increase loading speed of blogger website through natural ways. don’t worry speed of blogger’s website can be well and good easily.

Mostly website takes too much time in loading due to embedded images of webpage. So Google wants, that we optimize all images of our webpage to increase speed of our website. Image optimization means make images attractive and with low size, because colorful and PNG formats images size is much and web page load slower due to high quality images.

So make images of low size with good looking & simple, use jpg format  images you can use graphic images and colorless images. Then it will not take too much time to load your website’s web page.

  1.  Optimize Your Website's Images By Adding Alternative Text.

Alternate Text ALT text, which means, in every image we can give ALT text. Sometimes or in some browsers, website’s image doesn’t loads and doesn’t show, so, ALT text will help to show the text line to your visitor instead of image.

If your image about food, so add ALT text of the food name+ in the line, and visitor will easily understand without get irritate, it’s good for seo, Google is also encourages bloggers to add Alt text in website’s images. And your optimized image will appear in Google images search too.

  1.  Design Your Website Simple With Lite Theme.

Nowadays 70-80%  traffic comes to our site from mobiles phones, So if you are also gaining the too much traffic from mobile phones, so no use of your heavy weight or premium theme. because mobile users love to read article on the site that opens easily and doesn’t open with desktop version, so, design your site good looking and with simple theme.

If you are newbie in blogging so you shouldn’t design your site with premium theme in excitement, because it will take too much time to load, and that will give negative response of your site to Google. So start your site with simple design and lite theme. And check your site speed design and speed by opening site with different devices and different browser.

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  1.  Don't Use Gadgets And Widgets Too Much In Your Website.

If your website is new, so don’t use too much gadgets and widgets in your WordPress or Blogger site. Because it will increase of loading speed of your website’s web pages, and the use is nothing of Widgets and gadgets in new website.

First work and gain traffic then you will be able to do all things. And you will be need of all plugins or widgets, when your site will gain good traffic, and thats will be usable for you site too.

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