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Hello Guys! here we have back again with something new today. today i am sharing with you some information related to WIKIPEDIA . Here we have sharing some Facts about Wikipedia hope you mostly known but let me share this info if you know then its ok. lets have take some knowldege about wikipedia!! Facts about

Facts about wikipedia

Top 10 Facts About Wikipedia

  • Wikipedia is started in January 2001. Jimmy Donal is the co- founder and promoter of Wikipedia.
  •  Wikipedia is non-profit organization.
  • Wikipedia contributers have written more than 22 million articles.
  •  Wikipedia site has more than 684 million page views each year.
  •  The Wikipedia servers are hosted in Florida.
  •  Wikipedia headquarters located in San Francisco.
  •  In wikipedia there are only 35 Employees.
  •  The English language Wikipedia has more than 3+ million articles.
  •  In wikipedia articles are available in over 285 languages.
  •  In wikipedia anyone can sign up and become a wikipedia editor
  •  Wikipedia is the only site who does not have ads!
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