Vidmate vs showbox: A Comparison

Vidmate and Showbox are both apps that allow the user to stream as well as download the video of interest to them. They both provide a good interface and a variety of movies

Comparison : Vidmate vs Showbox

Vidmate Vs Showbox

Vidmate Vs Showbox


Ease of use

Showbox is considerably easier to use since it has it’s own library and users can watch movies from there itself instead of going to and complying with other websites and their policies as well. Which is something one must face with vidmate since it lists links from multiple websites that match with the quarry.


Availability of videos

Obviously since vidmate acts as a list-based application that searches for the video in question in multiple libraries and then provides multiple links to it from the different libraries checked, chances are if the video is available on the internet vidmate will find it. Besides you have the options to choose from based on resolution, size and quality. Showbox has a library of its own and a movie not yet added to that library will not be made available to the user on searching for it. And the movies that are indeed available will still not offer you as much of a choice regarding quality, size, resolution and cut.


Extra downloadable material

Vidmate unlike showbox offers the user other application like games that can be downloaded directly from the vidmate app. Showbox on the other hand only deals in movies and no apks are available on it.



Showbox has a comparatively limited number of video formats that it supports and can allow the user to download from it. Although since the most popular formats are supported that is not such an important aspect.


Availability of the app

The app of both vidmate and showbox are fairly easy to download and use although the app for vidmate is not available on Google play. This is due to the fact that vidmate allows videos to be downloaded from youtube and that is an infringement of youtube’s privacy. Vidmate apps install is totally safe and malware free and not something one needs to worry over. Showbox app is available on Google play.



Showbox has been in business fro over a decade while vidmate is rather new so naturally showbox is the more talked about and popular app, although vidmate is rapidly catching the public eye and gaining popularity.


Devices that support the app

In case of both showbox and vidmate, windows, android and iOS devices support their apps.


Cost of use

Showbox is free to download and easily affordable to use where as vidmate is free to download and use. Vidmate also requires no sign up or captcha. Showbox has recently stopped their own captcha system as well.



I found vidmate to be faster than showbox although not much.


In conclusion, I would say vidmate and showbox both are excellent apps to have but in the end, vidmate takes the cake mainly due to the fact that it almost always manages to find the movie I look for.

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