VPN services for Business & How it works

Main tendencies show off that rapidly developing companies rarely save on protection. They run their email servers, buy messengers for inner communication between the co-workers, and equip their offices with secret electronic locks.

VPN services for Business

These measures are called to prevent leaks and keep all the resent researches a secret, which is wise. But it is silly to think employees discuss work only within the office. Of course, they will hardly ever take graphs and reports together with them when going out for a beer with friends.

Although, many companies forget the fact, that worse than leaks can be only cyber or hacker attacks. There is no need even to use a flash stick to transfer data to any other spot all over the globe.

Just a few taps or mouse clicks and opponents are studying the results of your super secret research and discuss the concept of a new production line. It seems like we all need more privacy on the internet.

Want a smart solution for this threat? Try proven and solid VPN services nowadays. They are made for your privacy and It is fine to use them for a whole company.

VPN Service

How it works

The Company installs VPN within the inner network granting all users with ghost IPs. Since that moment your employees become invisible for any outer threat, like hackers. Their computers stop their existence and visibility being absolutely safe.

All signals they send are redirected to distant server that hides them adjusting another name or address. It can be described as a tunnel to travel all over the internet without leaving any traces. No logs, no history and even their passwords and logins cannot be tracked.

This service is a doubled protection for your data base as no matter how many people within the office have access to it – their private keys remain private.

All messages sent within the ‘circle of safety’ remain encrypted until addressee receives them. Even being hacked by third person they remain unclear as encryption looks like a line of weird symbols and nothing else.

Who can adjust it for the office

Any modern company has an IT department or a contractor who does all services and upgrades for inner computers or servers. No special skills needed to provide workers with VPN. It usually takes quite a while to adjust the whole system.

How to start VPNs

To join the world of safety one should choose a service pack, install a distributive, and register within the system. VPN services differ according to customers’ needs. There happen packs for household, offices, professional or private use and so on.

What are VPNs other functions

When we talk about additional options – VPNs give us complete internet freedom, like an access to content banned by local authorities within our country. Together with it we can be sure our browser history remains crystal clear and no one can track what we do.

It protects us from all kinds of threat coming from the Internet, hides our location, encrypts all messages we sent.

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