10 Best WordPress Themes for Tech Startups in 2017

The technology sector is the hottest startup sectors in the world. Therefore, it can be a difficult place for a startup to navigate in – competition is ripe and you need to find a distinctive advantage in order to succeed. One of the best ways to get ahead of the competition is by creating a solid website with premium quality content.

Best WordPress Themes for Tech Startups

WordPress Themes for Tech Startups

WordPress Themes for Tech Startups

When it comes to launching a blog and a website, WordPress is the best place to start. Getting started won’t be difficult or expensive, as you have plenty of options available in terms of templates.


Here are the best 10 WordPress themes for tech startups in 2017.


1. Stratus

Stratus is a carefully crafted and innovative template. It comes with WooCommerce integration so it is a perfect template for those running an online store as part of the website. Stratus also has an intuitive and user-friendly interface and it won’t take a lot of effort to build a quality site with it.



If you don’t want to spend an eternity creating your website, check out Dikka. The elegant and simple theme will help you create a responsive website in a matter of minutes. Multiple demos are available and you can simply drag and drop the elements in place to create your site.


3. Massive Dynamic

You will also want to examine Massive Dynamic. The elegant design is a responsive WordPress theme with numerous template possibilities. The theme has powerful tools to turn your website into something different. In terms of the design, Massive Dynamic has an old-fashioned feel to it with great clean and sophisticated icons and imagery.



Startuply is actually specifically designed for startups in mind and therefore, any tech startup would benefit from using it. The theme builder has plenty of different layout examples available and you can always customise your pick further. The site will be pixel perfect and the elements have been designed to be responsive. One of the most impressive features of the theme is the Visual Composer plugin. It will allow you to create an unlimited page layout without much difficulty.



For a nimble template, opt for Uncode. The theme is clean and well structured, offering you all the basics a good tech website needs. For example, you have demo pages available without any extra costs. The good thing about the theme is the flexibility – it’s super easy to scale the template further if you need to.


6. Uplift

For the lovers of minimalistic design, Uplift is definitely a WordPress theme to keep in mind. The highly responsive theme is perfect for simplistic landing pages that focus on visual imagery. You can enjoy clear icons and the theme comes with the cutting edge Image Parallex and Video Parallax Background technology.


7. Upshot

Upshot is a lightweight WordPress theme. The platform has an engaging modern feel to it and it can help you create a website that can support a massive online audience. While the site itself is lightweight, you do have plenty of elements you can customise with it. Creating a website with the theme builder is very intuitive. Upshot has a professional look to it so it adds a layer of seriousness to your website.


8. Jevelin

For something slightly more modern than some of the other themes on the list, Jevelin is a must-see. The theme comes with an easy to use toolkit and the page templates offer different ideas for you to use. It is a rather versatile toolkit with unique interfaces to pick from. If you need a flexible landing page, then this is a superb theme to keep in mind.


9. Bivio

When it comes to features, Bivio has it all. The theme has a number of functions you can add on your site and you are able to choose from a range of graphic elements to ensure you brand your site well. Bivio also takes SEO practices seriously and it will help you take care of the SEO whenever you add new elements to your site. It also follows all the common web standards so you don’t need to worry about them when using the theme.



Kalium is an innovative and rather refreshing WordPress template to keep in mind. It’s tech-savvy and perfect for tech startups that are really aimed at the high-tech market. The Bootstrap base will make it easy to apply the theme to all sorts of devices – your visitors don’t need to worry about where and when to view the site the best.


Aside from picking one of the above templates to get started, you also want to make sure your web host offers the right package for your needs. You don’t want to site to load slowly or crash regularly. To keep your hosting costs to the minimum, check OZCodes for offers with different hosting providers such as HostPapa and Bluehost.


Then it’s just about creating the top content for your new website. With an attractive website, your tech startup will stand a better chance of making it in the competitive industry.

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